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Branding + Identity

Branding + Identity

IMG_7572cWhen thinking about marketing activities the words branding, identity and logo are often confused.

Did you know that the three are not the same? In fact, they are three different pieces that each contribute to the overall image of your company in the mind of the customer.  Knowing the differences between them and how your business can better define each will help you guide your brand to greatness.

Branding + Identity by Fly Design Company - Missoula, MT

To better understand these key marketing terms, let’s imagine for a moment that your business is a person. If the company is the person, you as the owner/manager are the brains, and:

A BRAND is the perception or cologne about that person. It’s the ‘stuff’ from past visits, word-of-mouth, news, and other emotional and experiential elements of your business’ that inform the consumer’s opinion in a subtle way. When we refer to “brand awareness” you can imagine it as the person’s reputation.

AN IDENTITY is the shirt, hat, pants, jacket, shoes, and watch that the person is wearing; the individual elements that represent the company. Each element should be complimentary and recognizable and should be checked against the company’s style guidelines. Examples include: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, website, phonebook ads, building signs, all marketing and print pieces, and more.

A LOGO is the actual mark, like a signature, that differentiates the company from others and helps customers centralize the brand around one memorable marker. A logo is usually in the form of a mark (icon or symbol), logotype or a combination of the two.

As a business owner or manager, you likely have seen companies do each of these three pieces well – and you just as likely have seen a company who doesn’t do any of them well. Can you see marked differences between each company’s success?

One thing we’ve noticed is that the companies that take the time to develop a Logo, Identity and Brand early and seriously are the companies that excel. It may be because every dollar spent on marketing is more effective, or because consumers relayed and recalled their experience better with the help of a clear, effective identity system. Whatever the reason, these companies are steps ahead of their competition because they took these elements seriously and recognized the rewards for doing it well.

The process of developing a company’s brand, identity and logo are one of the ways we support new and existing businesses. Whether your company needs a new logo, identity package and branding, or has an existing logo in need of rebranding, we’ve got a solution for you. Let us use our expertise to launch your new business or design project so you can focus on doing what you do best – your job!

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