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Love Your Logo — It Is Your Future

Love Your Logo — It Is Your Future

In the world of logo design there are those who achieve greatness and those who don’t. The choice to have a great logo is an important decision for businesses – after all, your logo is your future, your bread and butter. If your logo thrives, you thrive.

Many business owners get swept up in the excitement of developing products, setting up a space, and developing employees, and all too often the process of logo design and development is forgotten. And, when businesses do remember to complete this important step, they may find that the process takes longer, or is more expensive than they imagined.

During a recent lunch with a colleague in the design/marketing world, I heard a story I hear all too often from people who work with small and medium-sized businesses.

The story goes like this: The client has started a business. The business needs a logo. The owner, Sylvia for example, choses to work with a local promotional vendor who has an on-site design team for the purpose of producing a coffee mug. Sylvia asks the vendor to design the layout for their new mugs. Sylvia doesn’t have a logo, but has a few images of logos she likes and provides them as samples for the design. As promised, the vendor provides the layout design for the mug and Sylvia is unhappy with the design and makes several modifications. The vendor then corrects the layout and submits the work for re-proofing. Sylvia again is unhappy with elements of the design and requests changes.

Identifying your expectations before meeting with a designer can help you achieve a logo that is both affordable and spectacular

At this point the vendor has used the two or three rounds of revisions that is included in the original price and Sylvia is left with a decision. Should she pay another setup charge for another round of revisions? Should Sylvia accept the design as it is currently even if she isn’t completely happy with it?

The choice is not clear to Sylvia as it isn’t clear to all too many business who find themselves expecting one outcome and receiving another. Let’s see what may have gone wrong, from our perspective:

  1. LOGOS ARE IMPORTANT: Anyone can design a good logo. But it’s a great logo that really works for a business. That’s why you need to love your logo. And to love your logo, you have to develop it. And to develop it takes time, thought and, yes, money.
  2. IT’S THE PROCESS, NOT THE COST: I have no doubt that the vendor’s design team could produce a great logo under the right conditions. The first of which is an understanding of the target customer, target market, and an true understanding of the client’s expectations on the front end.
  3. GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR: If you want a logo, get someone who can give you a logo. If you want a design for a mug, get a design for a mug, but you can’t expect to receive a logo if you ask for a mug. It’s disingenuous and everyone involved knows what’s going on — but so many people do it that they go with the flow to earn and keep clients who don’t know better.
  4. INVEST: Your logo should pay for itself. If you pay for a logo that doesn’t pay you back, or worse, sets you back, you’re doing it wrong. It doesn’t have to be money, either. An investment of time in learning or identifying your expectations before meeting with a designer can help you achieve a logo that is both affordable and spectacular.

In the world of business, you have to spend money to make money and the same is true of logos. Avoid endless design charges and get a logo that you actually love by understanding what it takes to make a great logo. Those businesses who can be successful through this process enjoy the benefits of their investment for years, and decades, if they play the rest of their cards right.


Our logo design services take the guess work out of the logo development process. We guide our clients through a simple process to achieve a truly great logo design. Check out our recent logo projects here.