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Pick One — Choose your Secret Ingredient
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Pick One — Choosing Your Secret Ingredient

Pick One — Choosing Your Secret Ingredient

Does your business have a hard time distinguishing itself from it’s competitors? Is your brand missing the flare you always imagined or the personal touch it takes to really make an impact with the ever-vied-for audience?

The solution doesn’t have to involve an expensive re-launch, rebrand or even an an overhaul of your marketing. The answer is simple: pick one.

Pick one thing in your marketing and make it pop. And I mean *POP*. It could be your business card, your storefront display, your delivery vehicle or something as simple as the bag your customer take home with them. Honestly – and don’t tell anyone – it doesn’t matter what it is. Just pick one thing and make it POP.

How, you may ask? The best opportunity, and often the most impressive, is to keep it simple. Some of the best solutions don’t involve spending more money at all but instead employ an ingenious use of ink, paper, design or construction that you are likely already paying for when you order your business products.

Business Card Design in Missoula, MT

Business Card Design for Missoula, MT Plumbing Company

Take for example a business card for local plumbing and heating company Axil Plumbing. The company’s primary marketing focus is word of mouth and they understood that creating an impact at every opportunity often translates into the buzz factor needed to stay top of mind in a competitive field. That’s why we decided to take a moment and reimagine what their business card might look like, and how it could make an impact to help them stand out.

We presented a number of options including unique materials, designs and even promo products before settling on a simple, elegant solution: Waterproof business cards.

The cards are made of a clear waterproof PVC material and are perfect for the plumbing industry. Customers often need a plumber for water leaks, floods or other wet situations and the last thing they want is a business card that disintegrates when it gets wet.

Instead of an expensive package dripping with plastic-printed envelopes, etc., this company chose to keep it simple and pick one item to make pop and their efforts paid off in a big way.

If you could pick something to make pop, what would it be? The world is filled with endless possibilities — all it takes is a little imagination and a unique approach to make an impact. So… What do you pick?