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Custom Wood Portfolio Set

About This Project

We were approached by Joe and Jason at Confluence Construction to concept and design a portfolio that would feature their work in an elegant and effective way during client meetings and through their referral network.

Our answer was a three-part project featuring local materials that were designed and hand crafted into a portfolio set.

Check out the video below where we explain more about the custom wood portfolio book, matching portfolio pads, and custom brochure pieces.

The project goal—to maximize the client’s existing marketing channels—was achieved by identifying three primary opportunities where we knew additional information and design support would have a major impact, including:

1 – One-on-One Meetings with Potential Clients
2 – Leave Behind Materials
3 – Third-Party Referrals


First, we recognized an opportunity to use a portfolio-style book to showcase previous projects during one-on-one meetings.

For the custom builder’s book we started with all local materials including a quarter-sawn white oak wood, blue cow leather, gray/brown elk leather, and a steel hinge. We combined the materials using a screw-post hardware which allows for future expansion as the builder adds projects over time.

Inside we designed a contemporary and clean layout to showcase the gorgeous photos provided by the client. The style bows to Scandinavian in its simple text and clean, blocked layout, while incorporating more contemporary essence with the masonry style image features reminiscent of social sites like Pinterest. The 24-page piece was printed locally using a sturdy cover stock with a silk finish for maximum tactile interest.

We completed the custom wood portfolio book with a hand-stitched two-tone contoured slipcase designed to fit the closed book perfectly and provide protection from light wear and tear. The slipcase is constructed using the client’s signature blue thread and brown on charcoal stock colors.


The next leg of the project utilizes a look-book style custom piece as a leave behind for potential clients. Many builders direct potential customers to a website or provide a brief printout including basic information about their business. Our client really wanted to make a splash and give their potential clients an experience they won’t get from any other builder.

That’s why we chose a professional yet playful piece that mimics the design and uses the same materials as the larger Builder’s Book. The portfolio pad is enclosed in a hand-stitched, two-tone contoured envelope with calling card and button-and-loop enclosure.

Inside is a clip-board style pad built using the same quarter-sawn white oak wood and expandable screw post hardware allowing for future expansion. Another leather cover sheet protects the portfolio project features inside. A smaller version of each project page showcases the images and write-ups for each project allowing potential customers to explore at their own pace.



We recognized that the client has a vast network of former clients, contractor partners, architects, interior designers, etc. who regularly refer Confluence Construction for business – our next piece helps capitalize on the third-party referral process to provide a takeaway that was more powerful than just a verbal recommendation.


The brochure is enclosed in a kraft envelope that we hand stamped for a rustic yet modern touch and feel. The envelope helps protect the brochure while incorporating the project’s colors/materials and focusing the viewer’s eye on the client’s brand.

Our goal was accomplished one opportunity at a time:

1 – One-on-one meetings feature a clean and elegant builder’s book allowing clients to review previous work and discuss ideas as they consider design and finish options
2 – Leave behind materials are visually impressive and include info and easy-to-explore project samples so clients can peruse at their own pace before or after their consultation with the builders
3 – Third party referrals from architects, interior designers, and former clients are captured with a memorable and durable, yet simple, brochure and envelope combination

The two pieces of this project that were pre-fabricated are the black screw post hardware and the kraft envelopes. Every other piece—from the hinges to the leather cover sheets, and even the button-and-loop enclosure—was custom designed, cut, finished and assembled by Fly Design Company in our workshop in Missoula, MT. That meant a LOT of decisions needed to be made to take the project from the drawing board to the workshop and delivery.

Joe and Jason at Confluence Construction were integral in the development process and honed each element of the project to better fit their taste and the needs of their clients. We were able to source almost all of the materials locally, including the printing, paper for the custom envelopes, wood, steel hinges, and even the laser engraving service. The only material—again—that wasn’t local was the envelopes. If someone opens a local envelope source, please let me know. 🙂

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Confluence Construction for your building needs, including residential and commercial projects. They are really a great group of guys and their work is unforgettable. They might even show you their new portfolio set!


This project was an incredible opportunity for us to showcase the type of custom paper products we can offer here at Fly Design Company. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for a custom portfolio or any other creative marketing and custom print needs.

– Ray


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